Failure, courage, and 9,900 kilometers all to have a change of scenery (Part Two)

After Graduation — Rejection, Rejection, Rejection!

We find ourselves right where we last left off, I had just completed making my portfolio and was ready to conquer the design world. I was full of pride and joy, for this portfolio of mine showed that I was more than capable of being an industrial designer, who could at the least think conceptually and fully sketch ideas. And that’s where I met my first failure.
I had no clue how to find a job. Literally. Where do I find vacancies, how do I find the companies that are looking for designers like me. The only real resource that I…

The arduous and not so straight forward journey to becoming a professional designer (Part One )

An introduction so humble you’ll cry

A designer origin story! Well, technically not an origin story but more rather a recollection of past events with some impactful moments that have thus far lead me to where I am today.

Why write this story though? Why bother? Do I even have anything saying that is worthwhile? Currently, I am drifting aimlessly as a designer with a number of uncertainties circling around me. These uncertainties are familiar foes; what’s my purpose? do I enjoy my work? am I bringing value to the world? Well, sometimes you just do something and figure out the “why” later. …

and how a design agency can play a pivotal role in doing so.

A ways back I had the opportunity to give a talk at a meetup whose theme revolved around building and growing your team’s UX competencies. My co-presenters were there representing the companies of ASML and Brightcape. I was there on behalf of digital design agency Hike One to discuss how companies can go about leveling up their UX Maturity as a catalyst for change and what role a design agency can play in this. …

How I go about churning out Hike One UX Playbook Illustrations

Hike One’s Sprint 2.0 illustrations


We are constantly looking to share our way of working at Hike One. A role that I play at the digital design agency, Hike One, is being a member of the Illustration Guild. This guild serves as a playground for us to develop and practice our illustration prowess. I figured why not share my process in how I quickly design illustrations for Hike One’s UX playbook, social media, template, medium articles.


All of my ideas that I have made started out with a mental dump of all possibilities of which the visual could take on. This starts anywhere from browsing…

Summarising what we learned at Awwwards Design Thinkers Conference in NYC.

Hike One_awwwards NYC

A few days ago an expedition team of Hike One designers and I found ourselves in the middle of New York City for the Awwwards Design Thinkers Conference. What attracted us to this conference was not only the allure of New York City but also the superb line up of speakers Awwwards assembled together.

The speaker’s occupations ranged from designers, technologists, researchers, branding experts, innovators, and one mad scientist-artist. …

It’s not, but it definitely improves communication

Sketch Lesson at Hike One, Amsterdam

Technically, as a creative (an illustrator, artist, or designer) you don’t need to know how to sketch, rather you just need to know how to communicate with your audience. Whether that be communicating your idea or vision, communicating with your team, or communicating to yourself, communication is the key fundamental ingredient to a creative endeavor.

To be blunt, I know that everyone is capable of sketching. Sketching is not some inherited talent you get from your grandparents but rather a raw tool that has always been in your toolbox. …

When was the last time you experienced a digital product that truly had great usability? It might take some time to think of an exact and specific example of this. I believe that when a product has great usability you actually barely notice that anything about it was designed at all. It goes almost unnoticed. Everything about it seems to just flow naturally in line with what you are doing.

The best things usually go unnoticed, the worst don’t

Now think about the last time you experienced a product with horrible, traumatic even, usability. Much easier to think up of a specific example right? Looking at you Mr. …

Lodovico Marchesini

Product Designer | Illustrator | Habitual Visualiser all @HikeOne

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